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Perkins&Will–a global leader in design of sustainable environments– share about the Living Design Framework. Learn how Research & Innovation, Resilience & Regeneration, Health & Well-Being can apply to the legal industry. Specifics include how design can help meet your firm’s ESG Policy and recognizing innovative environmental sustainability efforts in the workplace by pushing the boundary of Third-Party Certifications. Moderated by Douglas Domenick, Chapman and Cutler, LSN Vice President June 2024

March 2024

Presented by Steve Levine, Christian Wilde, and Mike Jacob of JFK&M Consulting Group, LLC Moderated by LSN Board Member Douglas Domenick, Chapman and Cutler LLP April 18, 2024 JFK&M provides an overview of the importance of indoor air quality, the role of HVAC systems, and review various functions, equipment, and systems to improve indoor air quality. Implementation of new technologies in HVAC systems, as well as enhanced monitoring and controls, can greatly decrease energy use, improve workplace wellness, and advance firm sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability for Law Firms 101: Carbon Accounting March 2024

Pamela Cone, LSN Board member and Founder and CEO of Amity Advisory has a conversation with Alex Lassiter, Founder and CEO of Greenplaces about carbon accounting. Greenplaces is an all-in-one software platform that makes sustainability easy and impactful. They cover what steps law firms can take, no matter what stage they are in the carbon accounting process.

To B Corp or Not to B Corp: That is The Question
March 2023

The Law Firm Sustainability Network hosts a webinar on becoming a B-Corp with Jennifer Harrity-Cantero, leader of the Sensiba Center for Sustainability at Sensiba San Filippo. We discuss how B Corp works, whether it is appropriate for law firms, what is involved, and the application process.

Real Estate ESG: Site Selection, Space Design, and Construction April 2023

The Law Firm Sustainability Network hosts a webinar on how ESG relates to commercial real estate, why it’s important for law firms, and how we could apply an ESG lens to our real estate processes to best serve clients and each other. Watch the conversation with Hyon K. Rah, a long-term sustainability expert and Director of Savillis USA ESG Consultancy Practice, Marty Festenstein, Senior Managing Director of Workplace Strategy in the Legal Tenant Practice Group at Savills, and Tanya Broadfield, Head of the Sustainability Team at Savills.

Meet GreenPlaces
May 2023

Launching and managing sustainability initiatives in today’s business, climate, and regulatory environment is no small feat. Faced with increasing client and bottom line expectations, rapidly evolving regulation, and up and downstream procurement pressures, law firm sustainability leaders are charged with building and running sustainability programs that are credible and efficient. Join Alex Lassiter, founder and CEO of GreenPlaces and his team as they discuss best practices in carbon accounting for firms, what to expect with client procurement strategy shifts, and a practical, step-by-step approach to building law firm sustainability practices.