Global Partners

American Bar Association

American Bar Association LogoThe ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) and LFSN have partnered to help drive industry-wide change by raising awareness of LFSN tools and resources created to help firms reduce their environmental impact. This partnership supports ABA House of Delegates Resolution 111, which urges federal, state, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and the private sector, to recognize their obligation to address climate change.

Legal Sustainability Alliance

The Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) is an inclusive movement of law firms and organizations committed to working collaboratively to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

The LSA believes that acting on climate change is in our collective interest and that a greater impact can be achieved through collaborative action and the sharing of knowledge and experience than could otherwise be achieved by the efforts of individual firms.

To act as a framework for individual and collective action, the LSA has developed a set of principles, which cover members’ own operations, as well as their wider influence on employees, suppliers, clients and policy makers. To learn more about the UK LSA, please visit

Australian Legal Sector Alliance

The Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA) is an industry-led association working collaboratively to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector.

AusLSA provides tools and resources to law firms that assist our members implement programs and policies that reduce their environmental impact. Using a collaborative and inclusive approach facilitates the development of best practice sustainability guidelines for the Australian legal sector.

Members of AusLSA commit to the AusLSA Principles, which includes a commitment to reporting on their environmental impacts in the AusLSA Annual Report.

Knowledge sharing and networking convey to members the most successful sustainability ideas and practices.

All Australian law firms are encouraged to join AusLSA and contribute to improving the sustainability of the Australian legal industry.